Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Nail Art How-tos for the Over-30 Set

As adorable as pink glittered bows or neon stripes are, they don't exactly fly after a certain age, below are nail art how-tos for the over-30 set. No matter you have a business casual dress code to adhere to or will attend a informal party, they are perfect for your party dress.

Upscale feathers

True, hand-drawn birds don't immediately say "sophistication." But in this case they work. The secret is the chic palette of taupe and black, which is bold but keeps this art from looking too young.

Ring around the edges

This high-fashion manicure is a more modern take on the French or moon manicures. To do it, just paint your entire nail with a base shade, then paint a darker color just in the center part of your nail, letting the lighter shade show through near your nail base and on the sides.

Lie detector nails

These are definitely eye-catching (don't they remind you of the squiggles on a lie detector test?), but the dark base color keeps it chic. And while it looks complicated, this design is actually pretty easy to execute.

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