Monday, 8 October 2012

Statement Hair Accessories

Bejeweled barrettes, feathered headbands, floral clips--what's your preference? With so many options on offer, it's difficult to know how to work bold accessories into your look without overdoing it.

Animal Print

"These prints look great in hair accessories and are so hot," Blackstock Carlson said. "Just take a strip of animal-print fabric and create a headband or wrap the fabric around a bun."

Crochet Away

"A wide knit or crochet headband is great for when you're having a bad hair day," Blackstock Carlson said. "It's also great when it's just hot and you want to pull your hair off your face and neck." Make this look work for the warmer weather by pairing with light and breezy clothing.

Put a Sock In It

The high bun is in high style. "Cut the toe off a sock, then roll it into a doughnut shape," Blackstock Carlson said. "Put your hair in a high ponytail. Thread the tail of your hair an inch or two into the doughnut, then start wrapping your hair around it as you move the doughnut towards the base of the ponytail on your head. It gets tight and you don't need to pin it!"

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