Thursday, 29 November 2012

Right Cocktail Dress For Your Figure

Your body shape decides the dress you will wear. Just like other styles of dresses such as prom dresses, you should choose your cocktail dresses according to your body shape. If you think a cocktail dress is nice, that does not mean you will look amazing on that dress.

Full Bust
Look for v-neck or u-neck dresses that draw the eye downward. Choose full or pleated skirts also help draw the eye downward.

Apple Body Shape
Look for empire waist dresses (fitted at bust and looser around waist and hips). Choose fluid shapes floating away from your narrowest point below the waist. Look for unique embellished necklines or sleeves to draw the eye upwards.

Pear Body Shape
Choose dresses with dark colors on the hips. Look for a-line or full skirts. Show off collarbones with strapless or open-neck dresses. Style with fitted, embellished or ruched bodices.

Hourglass Body Shape
Embrace your curves. Select wrap dresses or other styles fitted at the waist especially with belt, tie or drawstring.

Straight Body Shape
A sleek, fitted sheath dress will showcase your streamlined shape. Try baby-doll or a-line styles to give the illusion of curves. Look for dresses with a feature at the top, such as embroidery, beading or ruching along neckline and bust.

Rectangle Shape
For females with such a body type, highlighting your waist while choosing your cocktail dress would be a great way to look sexy and sassy. For this, it is a great option to choose wrap or surplice tops. Another choice for you can be to go for coordinated skirt and top, instead of opting for a proper cocktail dress. In case you wish to go for a dress, then include a jeweled or sequined belt, which will define your waistline.

Tips For All Body Types
Wear your clothes; don't let them wear you! If you're constantly fussing with your clothes, then your clothes are wearing you. Your outfits should be carefree and stress-free. Before picking a cocktail dress, evaluate your body type. Instead of blindly following the trend, opt for a dress, which is elegant, comfortable, and suits you.